Giving Birth To Pieces Of Life

Discover how each and every piece of life from the Red Crown Crane collection has been crafted with dedication, care and love.

“I always contemplated glass art with a profound reverence. The only idea of something that could be looked at as tasteless and inanimate when left untouched, but becomes instantaneously personal, precious and warmly alive when truly touched and owned, was quite fascinating for me, especially that it was perfectly representing what hope and faith are all about for me.” – Alex Foster

Eternal Hope

Three new colors have been added to the jewels of the Red Crown Crane collection. As Alex was talking with one of his friends from Japan, he felt that he still had things he wanted to transmit and convey through the collection, as a wish for people not to forget what happened in Japan on March 11th, 2011. This is how Alex and Miss Isabel came up with 3 new colors that represented vivid symbols of hope for them.

The Colors Of Hope

In this interview, Alex and Miss Isabel talk about the meaning behind each name given to the jewels of the Red Crown Crane collection. Each has its own color of course, but they also have a name, an identity, a soul that is different to all of them and a meaning that is as unique as the jewelry itself. But what is even more beautiful is that this identity is only a little spark, waiting to be set ablaze by those wearing those pieces of eternity.

I Believe Life Is Like A Book…

In this interview, Miss Isabel explains how the spark to use old, antique books as jewelry boxes for the Red Crown Crane collection came to her… She explains how much she cares for books, what they mean to her, and how, in her way, they represent the same spirit as the Red Crown Crane collection.

Pieces Of Eternity

Alex and Miss Isabel discuss how they chose the materials used for the Red Crown Crane collection, glass and silver. As pure as possible, but most importantly, unique. Glass may look cold, impersonal, but once you put it through fire, give it a personality and you shape and modify it, then it becomes a little piece of eternity, unique and with its own story to discover, its very own life. But in order to let it live, you also need to let it go…

The Origin Of The Red Crown Crane

More than a fashion statement, the Red Crown Crane collection takes its name from a thousand folded origami cranes that Alex received in time of sickness and despairs, a thousand eternal prayers. Just like prayers are eternal, so are hope and faith. The crane, symbolizing immortality, was the perfect representation for this collection. Shared with the people, this project has also become eternal.